Amazing Individuals

Let me just start out by saying:

Sometimes you learn things about people you would never have guessed, without taking a moment out of our busy days to chat/listen to their personal journey.  Over the last couple weeks, eLab staff have done just that in our very own Retraining Centre.  There are several individuals that we have spoken to that have fascinating tales, stories, and ideas. 

Who would have guessed that someone:

  1. Could build an outdoor fridge out of a few simple supplies that does not require electricity or ice to stay cold in the summer.  
  2. Owned and operated an ostrich/emu farm  
  3. Was able to give up buying coffee for a month to help others in need.

The list goes on… We truly have some amazing individuals right here in the eLab at Loyalist College – just saying!

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Drum Roll Please…..

Today was a changing day in the eLab while students came together for some cocoa and hot chocolate there was a busy after the winner was announced.  All four teams should be proud of themselves as the results were extremely close and it was even harder to pick a definite winning team.  However, going over all the details we have come to a decision.












“Second Future”


A plack will be displayed in the new eLab that displays the quote they believe would be fitting for the Loyalist eLab Retraining Centre: If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed. — David Viscott

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eLab Revitalization Activity

It was an exciting day in the eLab for students and staff alike! We started the afternoon with a potluck (yum) and then got down to business with 5-10-minute presentations on the “new eLab revitalization” plans. All teams were amazing and clearly enjoyed themselves during the team activity, as they thought outside the box and were creative; it was evident that hard work dedication and perseverance that went into to each team’s presentation.

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Voting is now underway in the eLab for the “best” overall. While we understood it was crunch time for many of the students with their courses, I am sure that everyone has seen the benefit and value that were taken away.  Skills such as Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Positive Attitude, Working Well with Others, Presentation and Public Speaking to name a few.  All of these will provide great enhancement for the eLab student’s resume/portfolio as well as their personal growth.

Great work eLabers!

Stay tuned for the results…

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Whats new…

Welcome to our eLab at Loyalist blog. We are excited to keep you update on what we offer in the eLab Loyalist College as well other areas, including Continuing Education courses. Over the last eight year, we have had many changes in this Department that’s why we have started this blog to move forward and by looking back at our accomplishments. Students will be featured throughout this blog with their journey. We hope through past and present eLab student stories; they will inspire you to find your passion and begin your own journey.

Over the next month, we will be making some significant changes in the eLab, and cannot wait to share them. So, please check back soon for the unveiling of our new space.

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